Albion B12Q 1 Quart B-Line Manual Cartridge Caulk Gun

Brand:Albion Dispensing Solutions
Albion B12 1 Quart B-Line manual cartridge caulking gun with 12:1 drive.
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Product Description

Albion B12Q 1 Quart B-Line manual cartridge caulking gun is a single-component, manual sealant dispenser capable of dispensing 28-oz. (1-qt.) cartridges. Designed for all standard viscosity materials packages in 28 to 32-oz. (nominal 825ml) cartridges and is capable of dispensing all types of sealants including silicones. acrylics and polyurethanes.

Features Description

Quart smooth rod cartrdige gun with 12:1 mechanical advantage drive.

Full sized handle for comfortable and efficient dispensing.

Half-cradle carriage to securely hold standard sized sealant cartridges.

Built-in cartridge puncture wire.


Capacity: 1 Quart Cartridge

Carriage: Metal Half-Barrel

Drive: Manual

Line: B-Line

Pressure: 50

Thrust: 300

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