COX 61006-20 Trent 200 - 20-oz. Sausage Pneumatic Applicator

Brand:COX Quality Sealant Applicators
A pneumatic applicator capable of dispensing 20-oz. sausages. This item is stocked only in Wisconsin.
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Product Description

COX 61006-20 - Trent 600 is a single-component, pneumatic sealant applicator capable of dispensing 20-oz. sausages.

Features Description

Drawn aluminum barrel

Instant dump valve

Floating plunger action with secure cord and Series 2 Air System

True adjustable air regulator - 125 PSI maximum output

145 PSI maximum input silencer

Quick release end cap

All component replaceable parts

Rotating air hose connector and six white cone nozzles included


Product Type: Single Component

Application: Sausage

Capacity: 20-oz. Sausage

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