Soft Type Backer Rod 5/8" Bagged

Brand:Armacell - ITP
ITP Soft Type Backer Rod is a non-gassing, polyethylene foam backer rod manufactured by Armacell/ITP. 75-Feet per Bag.
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Product Description

Soft Type Backer Rod is a soft, grey, pliable, non-gassing backup material inserted into an expansion or contraction joint to control sealant depth, create a backstop to allow proper tooling, ensure sealant adhesion to joint surfaces only and to yield a proper bond break between backup material and sealant.

Features Description

Ideal in irregular joint applications particularly where self-leveling, flowable sealants are employed. Compatible with all known cold applied sealants including butyl, polysulfide, acrylic, polyurethane and silicone.


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