Tremco Acoustical Curtainwall Sealant Dark Gray Quart Tube

Tremco Acoustical Curtainwall Sealant is a one-part, non-skinning, sound dampening sealant. 12 Quart Tubes per case. Individual Quart Tubes are available for purchase.
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Product Description

Tremco Acoustical Curtainwall Sealant is a single component, non-skinning, non-hardening synthetic rubber sealant.

Tremco Acoustical/Curtainwall Sealant was developed for acoustical sealing of drywall partitions, curtainwalls, corridors and party walls. This sealant also is used as a lap joint and perimeter sealant for polyethylene vapor barriers over fiberglass batt or other insulations and may be used in contact with polystyrene.

Features Description

Greatly increases the Sound Transmission Class (STC Value) of a system and reduces the decibel level when one or more beads are applied to a joint.


1-qt [850-mL] cartridge

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