Albion DL-45-T13 20-Ounce Manual Bulk Caulk Gun

Brand:Albion Dispensing Solutions
Albion DL-45-T13 20 Ounce Core Special Deluxe Manual Bulk Caulk Gun holds 20 ounces of caulk a load
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Product Description

Albion DL-45-T13 20 Ounce Special Deluxe Manual Bulk Caulk Gun is capable of dispensing 20 ounces of sealant.

***This item is stocked only in Minnesota***

Features Description

Rotating 20-oz. (14" long) steel barrel for convenience and durability.

Comfortable epoxy coated handle.

Designed for reliable suction during loading and dispensing.

Conical ejector for more complete dispensing.

Standard 1/2" ID round metal nozzle.


Barrel Diameter: 2"

Barrel Type: Steel

Capacity: 20-oz.

Drive: Manual

Line: Special Deluxe

Nozzle Type: Standard 1/2"

Pressure: 120

Thrust: 375

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