Envelope 2000®

Brand:Citadel Architectural Products
A metal composite material (MCM) engineered architectural wall system manufactured by Citadel Architectural Products.
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Product Description

Envelope 2000® is a fabricated wall system utilizing composite panel made by laminating a prefinished aluminum skin to a substrate of thermoset phenolic resin. A second aluminum skin is added as a backer and provides thermal stability and panel balance.

Typical applications include: exterior cladding on walls, canopies, fascia, and accent bands.

Envelope 2000 is typically used on medium to high rise buildings, such as office towers, retail complexes, educational buildings, medical facilities, etc.

Features Description

High-Tech Appearance. Versatile Installation offers three different attachment options. Curveable. Thermal Stability. Durable. Low Maintenance.


Weight: 1.33 lbs/sq. ft.

Nominal Thickness: 1/8"

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