Tremco ExoAir 220

ExoAir 220 is a fluid-applied, asphaltic air & vapor permeable membrane.
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Product Description

ExoAir 220 is a fluid-applied permeable air barrier membrane that is a monolithic, elastomeric membrane designed to be rolled or sprayed onto exterior above-grade wall assembles to mitigate air infiltration/exfiltration and water penetration while remaining permable to the passage of water vapor.

Features Description

A seamless, monolithic membrane that creates a fully adhered air barrier when properly installed. Can be roller or spray applied to accelerate installation times. The high performance properties retard the migration of air and bulk water but allows water vapor to pass through the membrane. Formulated for UV resistance up to 6 months which allows for flexibility during the construction process.


Typically applied to exterior sheathing panels, concrete block, poured concrete or wood substrates as an air and vapor barrier material. Can be used with ExoAir 110, ExoAir 111 or ExoAir 230 to transition into window and door openings.