COX 41004-2T Ascot Cartridge Caulk Gun

Brand:COX Quality Sealant Applicators
COX 41004 2T manual caulk gun is capable of dispensing 10-oz. cartridges.
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Product Description

COX 41004-2T is a single-component, cradel barrel high thrust caulk gun designed to dispense 10-oz. cartridges.

Features Description

Mechanical Advantage 26:1

Wear compensating device

Support straps for a secure cartridge fit

Built-in Ladder Hook

Catch Plate - Sintered steel

Barrel Turns - Application around corners

Capable of handling high viscosity materials

Thumb activated instant pressure release

Professional, Industrial and Auto After Market use

All component replaceable parts


Product Type: Single Component

Application: Cartridge

Capacity: 10-oz. Cartridge

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