Frequently Asked Questions

I have my own UPS shipping account, can I use it?

At this time we are unable to ship orders under another UPS account number, we appreciate your understanding. 


How do I log-in to my account?

Any customer that has a Terms Account with S&S Sales Corporation can call 414.292.3689 to receive their log-in credentials.


How do I obtain a warranty from the manufacturer?

Manufacturers will only warrant materials for commercial construction applications. Residential applications are not eligible to receive a manufacturer's warranty. Commercial construction applicators can contact either our Milwaukee or Bloomington locations for assistance.

Do you have any resources that can estimate how much sealant I need for a job?

Please visit our Footage Estimator Resource which links to our manufacturers' sealant estimate calculators to find out how much material you should buy for the job at hand.


How long does it take for a sealant to cure?

The cure time for a sealant changes for each product line. Please visit our Spec Data Sheets Resource to find out additional information for a specific product. You can also search for that product in our product catalog for additional information and resources.


Can you paint over sealants?

The only type of sealants that are paintable are latex and polyurethane sealants. Please keep in mind that sealants are elastomeric and will expand and contract while most paints are not elastomeric which may cause the paint to crack after applying to the sealant. Please view our catalog of Polyurethane Sealants.


How long must I wait before painting over a sealant?

You must wait until the sealant has skinned-over prior to painting that sealant. Please visit our Spec Data Sheets resource to find additional information for a specific product regarding how long you must wait prior to painting. Please view our catalog of Polyurethane Sealants.


Does S&S Sales Corporation fabricate and install the Architectural Panels we sell?

S&S Sales Corporation does not fabricate or install the Architectural Panels we sell.


Does S&S Sales Corporation have a delivery schedule?

S&S Sales Corporation has a fleet of trucks that delivers materials to our customers throughout central and eastern Wisconsin at this time. Please visit our Delivery Schedule page for weekly delivery schedule.