DOWSIL 758 White Silicone Weather Barrier Sealant

Brand: Dowsil
DOWSIL / Dow Corning 758 White Silicone Weather Barrier Sealant



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DOWSIL / Dow Corning 758 Silicone Weather Barrier Sealant is a neutral, one-part silicone sealant designed for adhering to low energy surfaces common in sheet or peel ands tick weather resistant barriers.

Typical applications include: Interior sealing between a sheet or liquid applied weather resistant barrier and fenestration equipment. Edge lap seal for weather resistant barriers. Sealing penetrations in weather resistant barriers such as plumbing or ductwork. Sealing other difficult to adhere surfaces such as mill finishes and plastics.

***16 Sausages per case. Individual sausages are available for purchase***

Excellent adhesion to a wide range of building materials including polymeric surfaces that are traditionally difficult to adhere to such as peel and stick weather resistant barriers.

Priming not required on most surfaces.

Usable over wide temperature range.

Excellent adhesion to extruded and formed silicone sheet materials.

Adheres to many polyethylene film based weather resistant barriers.

Adheres to many spun-bonded polyolefin and fibrous or woven air barriers.

Adheres to many other sealing elements such as flashing or elastomeric liquid applied weather barriers.

Adheres to many common fenestration materials such as anodized aluminum, vinyl, PVC, powder coat, paint and fluoropolymer coatings.

Contributes to improved air tightness of window installations.

UV resistant.

Excellent durability, does not become brittle or crack.

Movement capability of +/-25% in a properly designed joint.

20-oz [591-mL] sausage