DynaFlex SC Limestone Security Sealant Sausage

Brand:Pecora Corporation
Pecora DynaFlex SC Limestone 20oz Sausage is a 1-part tamper resistant polyurethane security sealant
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Product Description

Pecora DynaFlex SC Limestone is a unique one-part, non-sag, tamper resistant elastomeric silyl-terminated polyurethane joint sealant.

***12 Sausages per case. Individual sausages are available for purchase***

Features Description

Designed to achieve high tensile and tear strengths, abrasion resistance and an average ultimate hardness of at least 55, yet still withstand 25% total joint movement. Ideally suited for use in institutional and correctional security installations. Performs equally as well in public buildings and facilities where ordinary sealants are easily damaged or torn out by idle tampering and acts of vandalism.


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