Pecora BC-158 Black Butyl 10.1oz Tube

Brand:Pecora Corporation
Pecora BC-158 Black is a one-part, gun-grade, butyl rubber sealant
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Product Description

Pecora BC-158 Black Butyl Rubber Sealant is a one-part gun-grade caulking, sealing and glazing compound formulated from virgin butyl rubber. Due to the well-known durability of butyl rubber, BC-158 provides a long-lasting, durable seal between joints of similar and dissimilar surfaces.

Features Description

USDA approved for use in food processing plants.


Pecora BC-158 is a one-part, butyl rubber sealant that provides a durable, long-lasting seal between all types of masonry, steel, aluminum, glass, wood and other common construction materials.

Can also be used for sealing glass in channel glazing panels, caulking joints, mullions and flashings in curtain wall construction, and installation of insulated glass units in metal or wood frames.