Tundra Foam 2"

Brand:Armacell - ITP
Tundra Foam is an open cell polyurethane backer rod for hot and cold sealant applicators manufactured by Armacell/ITP. 100-Feet per Bag/Bail. This item is stocked only in Wisconsin.
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Product Description

Tundra® Foam is an ideal non-gassing backup material that is inserted into construction and pavement joints to control sealant and caulking depth, create a backstop to allow proper sealant tooling and configuration and to allow proper sealant airing and yield a proper bond breaker. Also commonly used in expansion and contraction joints, window glazing, curtain wall construction partitions, precast assemblies and copings, parking decks and bridge construction.

Features Description

One size fits many joint sizes. Non-gassing and damage-proof. Compressed for economical shipping. Highly flexible and easy to install.


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